Skills that I have applied across multiple roles, projects and jobs.

Requirements Analysis

Stakeholder Interviews and Requirements Documentation

SAMPLE Functional Specification Document TOC
SAMPLE Functional Specification Document TOC

I have worked across multiple business organizations and executive teams to collect and compile project requirements that everyone can commit to. This has resulted in projects with agreed-to scope and phases that are acceptable to all stakeholders.

While Agile projects rely on lightweight project artifacts, I have generated PMP-style long-form documentation for detailed business requirements/technical specifications, Project Plans, Work Breakdowns, QA plans/test cases, acceptance validation, final “as-implemented” systems and training.

  • This is a sample from a bank long-form functional specification document

Project Planning

Design, implementation, migration, and launch

equinix-redesign_2-initial_build-v21-updatesI have generated many detailed project plans using MS Project and other other tools like SmartSheet and OmniPlan. This has enabled me to manage waterfall projects at a granular level with dependencies and tasks assigned to client and agency project contributors.

Agile Process

Agile Scrum and Kanban

As the Scrum Master for SunPower implemented the Agile process and implemented the JIRA system.

JIRA - Dev Workflow Plan
Code development process that needed to be supported by JIRA workflow
JIRA Kanban - Dev Standup
Kanban board for development standups, similar to Trello or other Kanban tools

QA Planning and Testing

Test Plans, Test Cases, and Testing Execution

Ad Hoc and detailed test planning for various client including Bank of the West, AAA, Palo Alto Networks, and Salesforce. At Rauxa I built the initial internal agency QA Team. I developed tools and processes for QA scoping and guided project implementation QA Testing and UAT.

Web Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

W3C WCAG, DHS Trusted Tester

The Department of Homeland Security 508 Compliance testing is based on the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It has very structured test cases and results conditions. 508 Compliance insures that government content meets the specific accessibility standards of the federal section 508 code. This is generally equivalent to W3C’s WCAG AA standard.

The screenshots here show the the criteria and results for each 508 compliance standard, as well as a roll-up report. These are my own templates customized to enable report data export.

Trusted Tester – Detailed Results
Trusted Tester – Results Report