Cover Letter

I have over extensive experience working in the Internet industry driving web and software projects. I have worked on internal teams coordinating both internal development teams and as a consultant service provider. I have worked with government and corporate organizations.

I’m driven to build quality and do so by focusing on clear requirements, implementing effective build processes, and detailed validation of the work before delivering it back to the client.

For my next position am seeking a role managing a solid team or project. I am interested in building products and teams that will stand the test of time. I love being involved with functional applications and services that people use in their everyday lives.

I have experience gathering requirements, creating RFP/bid proposals, project estimation/budgeting and managing teams that it applicable to corporate, government, consulting or construction industries.

Please give me an opportunity to convince you that I’m the guy who will get things done.

Thank you,

Tom Baker
Castro Valley, CA