Resume - Cover Letter

I’m driven to build quality things that stand the test of time. I focus on clarifying requirements, build execution and validation of quality results.

I have over 20 years of experience driving web and software projects. For my next engagement I am looking to contribute to a more-tangible/physical project/product. I like to see, touch, and feel the results of my work.

While much of my RFP bid estimating, requirements gathering, project management, and quality assurance skills are transferrable to other industries, I am open to less-senior positions that afford me the opportunity to learn new businesses, industries and regulatory processes.

I would like to be involved with the development of things people touch/use in their everyday lives.

Industries of interest include residential construction, consumer products, or the foundational components that power them.

Ideal roles would directly contribute to quality, either in initial requirements analysis of final delivery quality assurance.

Please give me an opportunity to convince you that I’m the guy who will get things done.

Thank you,

Tom Baker
San Francisco, CA